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Solis String Quartet & P. Servillo

Spassiunatamente – A project by Solis String Quartet & Peppe Servillo

Two different musical backgrounds meeting on a common ground: that´s the plot of ´Spassiunatamente´, an ongoing project which sees Peppe Servillo & Solis String Quartet performing live on stage.

Their 2012 album explores the Neapolitan music tradition from both a modern and a classical point of view. A genuine and sincere tribute to the music born in Naples, it provides new interpretations of famous evergreens as well as hidden masterpieces from Naples‘ enormous repertoire, featuring only the magnificent voice of Peppe Servillo and the music of the incredible Solis String Quartet.

Solis String Quartet´s fresh musical approach makes these songs sound modern, yet classy. The aim of this project is to revive the real roots of tradition without sounding old or stereotypical. The result is just amazing and puts the Neapolitan music tradition under a fresh and lively perspective.

Urs Guentert, sun AT sunmusic DOT ch, 0041 31 311 8018